Portraits And Other Pictures From A Family Photoshoot

Family photojournalism is still a passion of mine. I do far less consumer photography now, but I love a professional family photo-shoot.

Black and white toddler in papa


 Capturing real-to-life moments is my forte and my passion.

I first met Maureen on a professional photoshoot for a law firm. Fox Rothschild sends new attorneys to me every year for full length portraits and head-shots to be used on their website. And although the requirements are a bit stringent, we always have fun.  I felt an instant connection during our fun commercial photo-shoot.

 I was delighted when she inquired about a possible family photojournalism session.



Child professional photojournalism

Magical eyes and the purity of childhood.

Don’t we all love finding pictures in the clouds?

Family photojournalism

Getting down at a toddler’s level can be an interesting view.

Portrait Family Denver


Maureen and Ryan graciously welcomed me into their home for the family photojournalism photo-shoot.

And their daughters Eva and Greta were pure joy to photograph.

While I do like the formal (every-hair-in-place) sort of family photo-shoot, my preference is for a looser realistic version.

For my style of photography, Maureen’s family was a perfect fit.

Not only did we have fun, we also got fantastic results.


Family Photojournalism

family photojournalism


We started our session in the mid afternoon with in home family photojournalism before we ventured outside and to a nearby park.

A setting sun and two exhausted little girls sent us back home for a few more shots.

Family Photojournalism

 Family photojournalism Denver

Bye bye sweet Greta. Until next time.

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 A Boy Growing Up



Wasn’t it just last year

that you first showed off your smile?

And your first words …”door and moon” was that last year too?

I’m pretty sure you meant “cheerios” when you said “deardoes” .. is that right?.


Wasn’t it just last fall

that I could hold you in one hand?

We flew around the house like superman?

You amazed everyone when you stood up for the first time, just weeks after surgery.

You learned to run, you learned to fall. But you always got right back up.



Wasn’t it just last spring

that you went off to school.

Your teachers were (and are) amazed with your keen mind?

I do wish you’d write down your language… so I could learn it too.


Wasn’t it just last summer

that you were hooked on trains?

Thomas first, then Tinytown. Cripple Creek and the Georgetown Loop.

Each new passion warms the heart of everyone around you – trains, space, superheroes and of course, language.


And then came BASEBALL! …..Wasn’t that just last summer?

Baseball, skiing, sledding, futsal, hockey, lacrosse, skiing…

Is there a sport you can’t do?

Thanks for letting me play them with you …even though you always beat me.



Wasn’t it just tomorrow

that you went to high school?

You’re not ready to swim off yet,

but when you do, I hope you’ll look back

and remember the joy you’ve given to all of us.


Happy 14th birthday Levi…  the best kid in the world.








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Heading out of Aztec New Mexico, traffic was sparse. I had just finished up a grueling magazine photo-shoot – (the kind that reminds you …you’re NOT 25 anymore). Now at dawn, my plan was to fight fatigue, find creativity and make more photographs for my magazine photo-shoot client. But trickles and grey skies blocked out morning light. So I decided to hit the road.

It’s funny how people jump into your brain when you’re driving. God-angles and aunts keep me focused on the one who needs me, Thank you!

Spinning tires, spinning mind. I was happy to see the hitchhiker.


magazine photo-shoot

It’s not popular to pick up hitchhikers in 2017, but driving alone, I usually do. Vance jumped into my car blowing out 701 reminders for a few hours. My new traveling companion was on his way home and anxious to see his newborn daughter for the first time.

An American Native from the Navajo tribe, Vance wore no jacket. In fact, he had few possessions other than nylon strap he found along the road. “This could be useful” he said. An adept conversationalist, my exchange with Vance drifted from philosophy to comedy with effortless rhythm.

Vance confided about his battle with alcohol and about his family. Around almost every highway curve, he described the terrain beyond visible.

I told stories of my days living with a Navajo family in a hogan near Canyon De Chelly. I remembered what the the blind grandfather said. “The problem with cities is there’s nowhere to just go and sit” Vance knew and I reconnected with the grandfather’s words. Of course, there are plenty of places to “just sit” in the city. But somehow the desert releases caged thoughts more easily.

Vance spends his summers guiding horse tours in Monument Valley. His ancestors settled there after The Trail of Tears and have guided tour groups for generations. But now his family is in a battle with the Navajo nation which wants to modernize the operation.

As we entered into The Jicarilla Apache Reservation I could feel Vance’s excitement grow.

I drove him a few miles off the main highway to his home where I asked to photograph him.

Magazine photo-shoot

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Industrial Photography

Commercial photography for the oil & gas industry has changed dramatically over the years.  What prompts the ad agencies, marketing agents and magazine publications to contact DeCroce photography could be the realism depicted in the images. This collection of oil and gas photography comes from various assignments last summer and fall.


Of course, we still look for clean compositions, great lighting and interesting faces to portray a friendly energy-producing environment. But oil companies (and the ad agencies behind them), also want gritty cast-iron reality of the industry that sustains modern life.


oil and gas photography

Foreman for Saddle Butte Pipeline in Colorado ascends curved stairs of giant gas tank. Commercial photography oil gas industry allows creation for real-to-life imagery.

More tomorrow.

Drill Rig for Extraction was shot on October 28th 2017.



oil and gas photography

Cattle guard Texas oil


oil tank tuck

This commercial photography for oil and gas was used as a two page spread in Oil And Gas Investor Magazine (October 2017).

energy oil and gas

Midstream Colorado


oil & gas business.

Workers bore pipeline tunnel under highway in commercial photography oil gas image.


commercial photography oil gas


In addition to three cover stories for Oil and Gas Investor Magazine,  deCroce Photography has captured super imagery for Saddle Butte Pipeline, Extraction Oil, Chaparral Energy and WPX Energy in 2017.

oil gas roughneck

Aerial drone photography Colorado oil gas


Commercial photography Oil gas

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Photographing a Photographer

Creating storytelling portraits plus editorial photography has been my longtime passion. I like the kind pictures that tell a story without needing a caption. And my preference is always to capture the moment between posed moments, when my client is less unaware of the camera. Making storytelling portraits for Lee Ann Bartran was a blast – my favorite client photo-shoot of the month.

Denver editorial portrait in B&W


Of course I’ve loved working with all my clients this month. It’s hard to put one photo-shoot above the rest. When an art lover raves about a painting, the painter feel good. But when the same art lover buys the painting and then raves about it around town, the artist knows the compliment was genuine. Work done pro bono for friends and family is rarely appreciated as much. 
When Lee Ann first contacted me, we talked about making storytelling portraits and editorial photographs for her enterprises. Lee Ann is the US Executive Director and Founder for An Orphans Wish, a non-profit that operated a medical care unit China for medically frail children from Chinese orphanages. She’s also a writer and a photographer. 
Our photo-shoot started at her home where we did professional  head-shots and lifestyle photography.  I knew from the outset the session would yield good results. First, Lee Ann has an interesting looking face. More importantly, she has a big heart – warmth and friendliness flow through her gentle smile and soft gaze. As I set up lights, I was introduced to two of her daughters both originally from China.
Now here’s a small-world connection. Lee Ann’s youngest daughter attends the same school as my son and in fact were even in a class together. Likely, they’re the only two kids at the school who wear some sort of prosthetic.
The light softened as the afternoon sun moved west. We headed downtown for some photojournalism fun. Walking and talking for several hours, we found the good light and interesting lines in the architecture. The subject-photographer bought the other photographer dinner and then we shot some more.
Story telling portraits Denver
Now as you look through these images you’ll (hopefully) see a balanced collection of editorial action shots and story telling portraits. Of course, Lee Ann was aware of my camera and I did give direction. But the shots still have an unposed feel. The goal was to create active profile photography. And I believe we achieved that.
  unposed portrait in black and white Story telling portrait photography Denver Unposed people photography Action portrait photograph
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