Colorado Family Photography


Black and white environmental child portrait in woods.



Family Portrait Denver Photography in Woods

Julie and Mike’s kids must be some of the cutest kids on the planet.  And the family portrait photo-shoot near Denver was as fun as it was productive.  What started as a quick and chilly session in the freezing drizzle turned into an hours long cabaret of child photography performances and portrait art.  Here are a few of the results.


Girl-In Woods-Photography

Color verses black and white portraits in outdoor woods.  It’s an individual preference.


Girl in woods.

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Model Portfolio Photography

Maddie Kerr – Beauty and Brains!


Before the weather turned cold, I had the opportunity to update Denver modeling portfolio pictures for Maddie Kerr.  Photographing a model as beautiful as Maddie, is more pleasure than work.  With a silk face and long lean figure, she’s a natural.  I can’t think of a single denver fashion photographer woo would not relish the chance to work with Maddie.


And Maddie is so much more than a pretty face – She’s a rare combination of beauty and brains.  As I was preparing the model portfolio images for this post, I noticed her mom’s Facebook post that Maddie has been accepted to Stanford’s class of 2019 (one of only 743).  Brava Maddie!

We had a blast doing the model portfolio photography on a Denver train car. Maddie’s mom Lori was my assistant and gaffer.

We started the model photo-shoot at Maddie’s home on 17th Ave in Denver. Her brothers Dan and Brad inspired this shot while climbing on the arch as we worked below. When I saw the great light on the boys, I asked Maddie if she could get up on the stone fence.

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Professional Business Photography – In Studio

Doloros Atencio Attorney Portraits
It was my honor to make professional business portraits for Doloros Atencio recently.  Her list of awards, achievements and accolades is as long as her personality is delightful.
Doloros called with an urgent request for a new portrait.  She was to receive the 2014 Othli award in Washington DC the following week and wanted a professional business portrait expedited.
I scheduled time at the Camren Studios whose big white cove background is ideal for other clients in need of Colorado attorney photo-shoots.  But when Doloros arrived, she was apprehensive about an all white background.  And for a short while, I felt like the mood of the corporate style photo-shoot was doomed.  Using all the professional photo charm I could muster, I assured Doloros that I could alter the background in post production.  By the time she left 90 minutes later we were like old friends.
Doloros’s warm and gracious manner is a testament to her success.

2014 Ohtli Award recipient Doloros Atencio.


Dolores has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work, including being named by Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the “100 Influentials” in 1991 and 1993; “Outstanding Attorney” by the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association (CHBA) in 1992 and 2001; was a Reginald Heber Smith fellow; a fellow of the National Kellogg Fellowship Program; and former President of the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association (CHBA). Dolores served on the CHBA Judiciary Committee and was a member of the HNBA’s 2009 Supreme Court Committee that conducted the due diligence on Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  During her tenure, Denver’s first African American female, first Asian American and first openly-gay female were appointed to the Denver County Court bench.


By way of background, “Ohtli” is a Náhuatl word meaning “pathway,” and the Ohtli medallion, which has an image of footprints, symbolizes the right pathway that women and men will take to their destiny.  Every year, the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) within the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) recognizes the altruistic activities of many Mexicans living in the United States, and offers the Ohtli Award to those who have devoted themselves to improving the quality of lives for our fellow countrymen and women.  SRE presents the Ohtli Award to acknowledge and strengthen the relationship among the Mexican communities living in and outside of Mexico, and to recognize their efforts.

Un-retouched professional portrait head-shot (right) and casual walking portrait of Doloros Atensio




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Denver Photography – Downtown City Towers

These office tower photographs were made while on an executive portrait photo-shoot in downtown Denver.  I photographed eight top executives that day for WPX energy.  But the shooting location had nothing to do with this view.  All the portraits were in the building lobby at 18th & Curtis or outside.  Then at the end of the day I offered to do one more series of editorial meeting photographs on the 12th floor.  That’s where I spotted this view of the tower called Denver Place.



View of the Ritz-Carlton-Denver looking north-northeast in Denver photography.


Abstract detail photography of Denver Place on 18th & Curtis.

Denver city photograph view looking north from 18th & Curtis.

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Regis Groff

Denver East Teacher dies at 79


Anyone who was fortunate to have Regis Groff as their teacher at Denver East surely remembers him with fondness, love and reverence.  Regis was my teacher for a rather avant-garde class, for the time, called Afro-American history.  He was one of my top two high school teachers.

Just 5 years after the assassination of of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., history books did not yet include much about African Americans aside from slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation.  Tensions between races were still brittle, but Regis taught that class on Black American history with such vigor that even the white kids felt connected – like family.

Oh yeah, Regis was cool.  He was the first person I met who truly looked beyond color, ethnicity or social status.  His charisma was born from his real desire to know and care about his students.  No wonder he did so well as a Colorado Senator.


It felt sort of awkward reaching for my camera when I saw his expression but I did and here it is.



But I knew Regis outside of the classroom too.  He coached the East Angels golf team, of which I was the weakest link.  Other teams  knew when the Angels were coming by our hair.  Everyone on the team (even the white kids) wore an “afro”.  And as I recall, Regis too sported a longer cut.  How I would love to get a copy of that team picture.  (Are you out there Dan Gross?)  Whenever I ran into Regis after those high school days, he’d always ask about each of the players by name.  And he’d make a special mention about Eric Lombardi who he knew was my best bud.  “What about Lombardi?”  he’d always say… “let’s get together at City Park.”


I photographed Regis several times over the years while he was in politics and did his family portraits as well.  This most recent portrait was done about 7 or 8 years ago.  After the photo-shoot was over, we chatted for a long while at his desk.  We talked about war and peace, religion and family.  When I told him about my then 2 year old son’s leg amputation his expression turned to one of shocked empathy.  It felt awkward reaching for my camera when I saw his expression but I did and here it is.  I wonder if he liked this one as much as I do.  It’s a side of Regis I will always cherish.


Here’s a link to the Denver Post story by Kirk Mitchell  (Not the same Kirk Mitchell we knew from the hood)




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