Young Entrepreneur Photography

Executive Portrait Photo-Shoot With Young CEO

Bill Broms, a young CEO and entrepreneur contacted me to make some new executive portraits for marketing.  Bill is Principal and Founder of Realty Dividend, LLC, a real estate investment, development, and advisory platform based in Denver, CO.  Mr. Broms has spent over 14 years driving profitable business and real estate investments including $1.6 billion in new acquisitions for Realty Income Corporation and Cole Real Estate Investments, now American Realty Capital Properties.  


As a Denver people photographer, I get a myriad of assignments to photograph Denver executives and CEO’s.   And I have to say, photographing young business people in downtown Denver is among my favorite.



This is a great business portrait of Bill Broms, founder of Realty Dividend, LLC. The portrait is confident and friendly – the composition is exciting.

Young executive walking portrait on Denver street.

This is my favorite executive portrait of Bill. After the long executive photo-shoot, we stopped it at the old Colorado National Bank (which is now a swanky bar).


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Denver Photography – April Snow

Denver professional photographers and other folks with camera in hand sauntered out of their offices and homes today to document the annual Colorado tradition – Snow-On-Tulip.  Is there a Colorado old-timer or a Denver newcomer who remembers a year without snow on the tulips?

Snow-On-Tulips Our annual Colorado tradition.

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Corporate Photography – Editorial magazine photo-shoot of ReMax and Dave Liniger


This is one of the editorial shots from the Lore Magazine photo-shoot of Dave Liniger and ReMax. The editors at Real Trends wanted a mix of corporate editorial photography and executive portraiture.




Editorial Photography for Lore Magazine: Dave Liniger and ReMax:


Corporate photography is a term with vast implications and applications.  Calling myself a corporate photographer means that I’m adept at more than just one kind of photography.  And my expertise is a direct result of both the enthusiasm I put and and the joy I get back from each corporate photo-shoot.  CEO portraiture, editorial action photography and corporate field photography are each so different that some photographers prefer not to cross between one and another.  But I love to keep my cameras busy even doing routine corporate head-shots.


At the moment I saw this portrait in my lens, I knew it would be among my top photographs of Dave Liniger.


The corporate photo-shoot of REMAX CEO Dave Liniger for LORE magazine took place at the RMAX international headquarters just outside Denver Colorado.  The editors at LORE wanted portraits of the CEO Liniger as well as corporate action photography and story telling photojournalism.

When I arrived early on site to scout potential locations, I was asked to keep the photo-shoot to 45 minutes or less.  But Dave Liniger and the corporate team were having so much fun under the photographer’s exquisite direction, that the shoot lasted almost two hours.  Seriously, I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to Dave and the whole team at REMAX for their gracious hospitality.  And it was indeed a fun photo-shoot.

Dave Liniger portrait and with his dog.

REMAX CEO Dave Liniger (center) talks with members of his corporate team in the boardroom at the international headquarters near Denver.





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Corporate Portrait Photography in Studio for ICE3D

Denver People Photography – Studio


The corporate portrait photography for ICE3D assignment presented by CEO Clair Burrows, was a fun challenge.  Her branding plan for website portraits was direct and simple yet it allowed for creative corporate photo-shoots in the Denver studio.  Art direction for the “Who We Are”  webpage for ICE3D called for a clean seamless white background.  Each business portrait was to be done on the white background with one simple prop-an office chair.  The men of ICE3D were to be photographed with a dark grey and black chair.  While the women of ICE3D would be portrayed on with a red chair.


The art direction was loose enough to allow for creative posing.  The goal was to make each corporate portrait photograph as unique within the perimeters of a simple white background…  And we all had a blast at the corporate studio photo-sessions.


Of course my job of creating unique but similar corporate studio portraits was aided by the entire team at ICE3D.  They all arrived at the corporate studio photo-shoot impeccably groomed having been professionally make-up.  And everyone brought an awesome lively attitude. The women of the team at ICE3D are ALL good looking which of course adds to their success.  While the men are ruggedly handsome.


When you check out the website pages at ICE3d you’ll see some of my work (icepics).  Although some of the images seem a bit overcropped, you’ll get a feel for the warmth of the the corporate team portraits as well as the fantastic job they do with office design in Colorado.  Here’s a little blurb from their website.

“Imagine a furniture plan that fits your unique business needs, is easy to understand, and saves you money. We do that. We custom tailor commercial environments using innovative 3D software. When partnered with our service-driven management model it’s a match made in design heaven.”

ICE3D CEO Clair Burrows (right) contacted DeCroce photography to capture creative corporate portraits in studio. The goal was to create unique yet similar business portraits against a white seamless using one red chair for the women and a dark grey chair for the men.

Steve Burtis (center) is the founder of ICE3D


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Denver People Photography

Denver people photography, consumes over half of what I do.  So for now, ”Denver people photographer Edward De Croce” is my new moniker.   And after all, “Denver people photography” includes Denver Corporate photography, Colorado commercial photography and a host of other phrases like Colorado executive portrait photography and business head-shots in Denver .

Sure, I do get a variety of clients who commission me for national commercial photography projects and it’s not uncommon for me to photograph international CEO executive portraits.  As much as I still enjoy traveling for corporate field photo-shoots with durations of several days, I’ve had to take a long look at the bottom line in travel photography.  And although photographers are compensated over 5K for shooting days, $800 for travel days plus expenses, the effort to create award winning type photographs takes more effort on the road.

In this new reality, I’ll travel five to ten times a year doing large budget corporate field photo-shoots.  Each photo-shoot will be 5 days in duration and pay $6,500 or more per day.  Destinations will include Fiji in February and Norway in July.  But the bulk of my business will continue to be centered in my base.  I won’t rest easy until I’ve photographed every person in Denver at least once at my normal rate of $800 per session.  Oh yes, the phrase “Denver People Photographer” is perfect.


Readers might be wondering what all of this has to do with the wedding album post seen herein.

Well… brides and grooms are people aren’t they?  And the wedding did take place IN Denver.  The wedding of Libby and Scott was a sublime affair as these page designs attest.


Now, although I’ve eased up on the weddings photography, the images collected in this album are truly spectacular.  This is Libby and Scott’s 68 page wedding album.


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