Appalachian Dawn Photography

Maybe it’s the fog or the lushness, but something about photographing the Appalachian Mountains simply took my breath away.  For me, a western raised boy from Colorado, having the time to portray eastern topography has been a new thrill.  Maybe I just needed a change of scene.

On a recent commercial photo-shoot for Antero Resources in West Virginia,  I worked before dawn on landscape photography.

Here are a few.

Landscape photography and dawn fog in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.

I loved the soft subtle colors of this landscape so much I made it my featured photograph on my FB business web page.

While climbing up a steep gas-easement I spotted an interesting looking rock. (Ok, I was feeling pretty spent from the long day photo-shoot.) When I bent over to get a closer look, the rock turned into a turtle.

Worker in gas-easement at dawn.

Pennsboro West Virginia.

As a western raised boy, I didn’t see dawn fog often. So while on a photo-shoot for Antero Resources, I made sure capture a few landscape fine-art photographs of the Appalachian dawn.

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Denver Photographer Award

It’s an honor to be recognized as a top Denver photographer.

I’m delighted to receive the Denver award in photography again in 2014.


The Crystal Blue award for Denver photographer 2014 was a pleasant surprise.

valerie - congrats on your award!

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Business Photography

Corporate Photography and Marketing

Business group portraits and corporate head-shots do need a professional photographer.

Corporate group photography for fun.


Since there’s no line item for aesthetics, 
measuring ROI with regards to professional photography is a tricky proposition.
And given the many factors that go into a successful marketing campaign,
it’s difficult to gauge the effect of PPPP (professional people and portrait photography)
at a high level versus low end professional or amateur photography.
Marketing dollars have clearly drifted away from traditional outlays like photography for brochures,
magazine advertisements or even annual reports.  Organizations instead are focusing, with mixed results,
on the digital world of social media and mobile devices.  But when it comes to pro-photography,
firms and professionals cut corners or simply don’t step back to truly see their own branding.
As a result, the modern standard for what counts as a professional portrait or head-shot has plummeted.
The same rigor applied to bottom line based analyses would be well spent in the world of design.
Professional web designers and photographers alike, bring new creativity born from salty trial and error.
Financial firm SJHW represented here wanted a mix of professional head-shot portraits and business group photography.

Formal business group photography on white seamless.

Head-shots on white





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Industrial Photography – Abstract

On photo-assignment for the Irish company Oldcastle Materials, I photographed plenty of industrial “clean” images.  But for this blog post, I wanted to show a few slightly abstract industrial photographs.

Art director Heather Askew stressed that we needed clean perspectives and angles to showcase in photography, the gravel and asphalt plant near Grand Junction Co.  And the Commercial photography photo-shoot was a resounding success.

The business of making industry field pictures at a working plant look like a sterile bathroom is part of the job.  And the challenge is reward in itself, particularly when the client is pleased with the results of the industrial photography.  But the artist in me likes to look for abstract.  And like a little boy in his sandbox, I was having fun commanding from my perch on the man-lift, just where the trucks and bulldozers should go.



Workers meet on narrow stairs in gravel & asphalt plant Photograph.

Recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) at United Gravel near Grand Junction Co.




An Irish based company, Oldcastle Materials

is the leading supplier of aggregates, asphalt, ready-mix concrete, and construction and paving services in the United States.

I was contacted by the marketing department in Atlanta about industrial photography in the field.
And after some preliminary discussions, I was hired for a three day commercial photo-shoot.
We centered our industrial photography photo-operation out of Grand Junction working from dawn to dusk and
traveled over to Telluride to capture photography of ongoing asphalt paving crews.

Art director and writer Heather Askew (left) composes a new shot idea while I photograph from above. Tar-On-Tank abstract industry photograph (right)

Gravel quarry industry abstract photography in western Colorado.

Heavy equipment piles RAP – recycled asphalt pavement.  

Photograph of photographer’s shadow on man-lift during corporate/industrial field photo-shoot.

Piles of RAP and gravel with tree.

Recycled asphalt pavement (Rap) as it comes off the conveyer belt.

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Magazine Cover Photography

Executive Portrait Photography for Magazine Story

These are just a few of the magazine cover photography possibilities for Lore magazine.

Lore editor Tracey Velt contacted me from Florida about doing the photo-shoot for the cover story for the Magazine.
We talked about how to make an interesting dynamic magazine cover photograph that would stand out from the others.
The job was to photograph three executives who had amassed a great deal of real estate
and knowledge of the land business.  I had thoughts of photographing the three men at dusk against
the wide expanse of Rocky Mountain landscape.  And I traveled to several unique locations to scout out interesting vistas.
I thought about photographing the moguls at night against the bright-light cityscape or
in some exotic office tower.  I wanted to have my favorite make-up artist/stylist Suzanne Blons along and
I wanted everything to be perfect.
But when the day came for the photo-shoot one of the three executives could spare only one hour … at noon.
Sometimes professional photographer has to work fast and work under less than ideal circumstances.
But the three executives were a delight to work with and the results are, at least above par.
Executive-Photography-For Magazine-Cover-Story

Two of the possibilities of photographs to be used for the Lore Magazine cover.

The magazine will of course use these executive portraits in color rather than black and white.


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