Downtown Denver in Spring

The blossoming fruit trees in the foreground of this downtown Denver photograph know spring is here.  Although too dry and much too warm, our weather seems to be about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  Call it global warming or climate change, this Denver native knows it’s real.  Early April in Denver did not use to be shorts and barefoot kind of weather, at least not with the kind of regularity we’ve been seeing this century.  And the month of March 2012 was the driest March ever.  Usually colorado’s snowiest month, March 2012 saw only a trace of snow for the month.  We had to be quick to capture snow on the mountains.  This photograph was made a day after an early April snowstorm.

Climate change in Colorado


Sure people are worried about the effects of climate change.  And although the conversation about global warming is impossible to avoid, there’s a sense that nothing can be done to prevent it.  More than ever, it seems people are looking out for themselves.  

And this Denver photographer is no different.  After many years of effort, DeCroce Photography is finally at the top of  the Google list for Denver photographers.  So for at least in one keyword set, (Corporate photography in Denver) and at least for now, we’re on the top.  And as commercial photographers in Colorado, what we want most is to photograph the executives and products of every single Denver corporation.  Maybe on the way to creating stunning advertising photos, we’ll get an assignment to document the effects of climate change here in Colorado.   


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