My Amazing Aunt at 100

Incredible Century-Stone for a Feisty Woman


When WPX Energy told me they were sending me to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania for a commercial photo-shoot I was pleased.  But when I googled the town, I nearly jumped out of my chair.  Canonsburg is just 20 miles from Ohio Valley Hospital where I was born.   And I would get to visit my 100 year old aunt Carmella.


Being 100




Carmella remains as brave and engaged as ever.  But I found myself wondering if she really remembered who I was.  In her younger years she traveled often to Colorado for visits.  And I remember dancing with her many times during family events.  I must have been about 8 when she showed up unexpectedly at our front door.  At 4’11” she was still taller than me, so giving her a hug at the door was natural.  Then I got to make the announcement: “Hey mom, dad, guess who’s here?”

Carmella lives with her son Francis who cares for her.  As I sat at the kitchen table with cousins, Francis, Donna, Glue (Kristen) and Steven, I was amazed at the resilient fortitude of a remarkable woman.  Then she looked at me and said ” So…. you finally lost those …”  the word curls eluded her as she twirled her finger near her ear.  And I knew that she remembered me and my hipper hair days.






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  • melissa cinnamon - Edward, what a great opportunity you had to visit with your aunt. So much intrigue and history in her eyes. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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