Interior Photography

Professional photographers have the best job in the world, I think.  As a pro photographer, I’m allowed into people’s lives in a very personal way.  And these past weeks and months have been so consumed with new work, that I’ve not even had time to blog.

There have been lots of executive portraits, a three day commercial photography gig on the west slope in Telluride and Grand Junction, corporate jobs and portrait photo-shoots.  One job that was postponed is to photograph airport workers for G-2 Secure… (these are the folks that take care of commercial airlines once you land.)  The gig might well have been last Friday at LAX… the same day that the TSA employee went bananas.  But now its been pushed to January.  We had wished for a Hawaii airport but Tampa Florida will be nice too.

In ten days, I’m off to Atlanta for a different kind of gig, but before then, I’ve got to catch up on editing and blogging.

Here are a few of the photographs I did for Maxx Properties renovations.

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