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The Denver pro photography category includes all professional photo-shoots in or around the city of Denver Colorado since 2006. Professional commercial photographers from DeCroce produces a wide spectrum of pro photography projects including corporate photography, business photography, industrial field photography, executive portrait photography, editorial photography and photojournalism.

A Finnish friend of a friend has a funny expression. Its used when our actions seem insignificant and inconsequential. Instead of the tired old line “like a drop in the bucket” her Finnish phrase makes me laugh out loud. She says “Its like a mosquito pissing in the ocean” Well –– this story is about pissing hummingbirds. . . . […]

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Marketing Photographers Tools And Usage In Denver   Owners of small businesses have their arms full with a multiplicity of hourly chores and projects. And marketing-photographers marketing themselves (after aiding other businesses in marketing) often fall short. There’s a finite amount of time in one hour – usually about 60 minutes. And marketing-photographers (and other small business people) are left with the 59th and 60th minutes […]

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A hard working roughneck offers much to photograph. And capturing their essence in single frame images was part of my assignment in recent industrial photography and energy photography photo-shoots. I hope the photographs here represent the character and dignity I encountered.  .  Roughneck At Work . . The hottest song on the charts that summer was “Satisfaction”. The hook (that […]

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  • Alfy Sommers - Great stuff Ed. Keep on snappin down the road 📸ReplyCancel

  • Mike Thurman - You could easily have been a writer with your thoughtful ability to describe or portray any situation with your keyboard as well as you do with your lens. These are every bit as good as I had imagined them to be. Great work Edward!ReplyCancel

  • Sheri Small - Your stories make as incredible an image as your camera lens.Very much enjoy your blog Ed.ReplyCancel

  • Pam Blaney - Great pictures Edward!ReplyCancel

  • Eric Lombardi - Holy smokes- such amazing acuity! And I love the B&W’s! The industrial world is rich with humanity…great stuff as usual.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Mckinnon - Most incredible..,ReplyCancel

  • Denver Professional Photographers – DeCroce 2016 Selection ~ DeCroce Blog of Photography - […] “Roughneck” (July2017) was written as a tribute to to the workers of the Energy business. It was also an attempt to practice prose and push the conversation of climate science. […]ReplyCancel

Santa Fe Street Photography Art in Denver . . Street photography has a way of opening up new unplanned experiences.  One shot, or series of shots can lead to a conversation that in turn leads to a new unique set of images. It had been a while since I visited the art galleries on Sante fe Street in […]

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It’s my extreme pleasure to photograph youth sport photography. This year I followed my own son’s Southeast Denver Baseball team creating exciting action shots, behind the scene photojournalism and this team picture. I wanted to make an uncommon team picture using umbrella lighting.

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  • TLD - I just read about the ‘umbrella’ technology that your father pioneered in the 70s. He said that he didn’t need a lot of fancy tools to get the right light effect; he just needed his umbrella, or nothing, just the natural light. I love this photo! I’m sure the team loves it, too. Well done, Edward.ReplyCancel