Denver Professional Photographers at deCroce post 2016 Images

Snow and trees professional photography

A recent snowfall in Denver 2016.



by Edward C. DeCroce


As 2016 become history, we reflect back on images from (based in Denver) professional photographers at DeCroce. We’re proud of the quality as well as the variety of works. This is a lengthy article.


We thank the thousands of long-time clients who have supported and recommended us. Our inspiration is intensified by loyal commitment you – who call on DeCroce year after year. Denver professional photographers rely on the kind of unspoken promise that renews business relationships with fresh photo-opps. Year after years we aim to reward our long standing supporters with the kind of uncommon imagery that they’ve come to expect.


In 2016, professional photographers in Denver at DeCroce devoted their creative ingenuity to a myriad of commercial photography projects in Colorado and across the USA. We enjoyed industrial photography assignments Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and many other locations. We volunteered our expertise to youth sports groups and medical research projects. As in other years, executive portrait photography and business photography in Denver framed the foundation of our Denver professional photographers business.


But this year was not a smooth ride. More than many others, 2016 was a year of consternation and double whammies. Denver professional photographers rely on a longstanding client base – they also need new clients. As much as we depend on old clients recommending new clients, Denver professional photographers need internet exposure. There is no magic plateau from which an entrepreneur can rest on past achievements. Not in the computer age.

In January, we were shocked to learn that search engines like Google had suddenly demoted DeCroce Photography Dot Com from the top spots to lower pages – overnight. Keyword phrases like “Denver professional photographers”, “executive portrait photographers Denver” or “Colorado commercial photographers” had previously displayed DeCroce at the top of the organic search list. But all at once, we were relegated to the caboose. No one scrolls to page 10 to find Denver professional photographers. The problem was either new algorithms from Google or abandonment from our host server Livebooks. It might well have been a combination of both.

The result was humiliating. Professional photography studios in Denver who had been in business for less than a year had suddenly commandeered top billing. Despite showing work that depicted genres unrelated to the accompanying keywords, new professional photographers leapfrogged over longtime Denver professional photographers.

Websites are no longer built for a computer. They are built to look good on a clever phone. The astounding statistic is that 90% of searches for “Denver professional photographers” are on a phone. This makes older websites (older that three years) obsolete.  The days of flash websites for photography are rapidly coming to a close. That so many viewers now see our work on a phone is distressing news to professional photographers and artists of all sorts. Choosing a pro photographer is not the same as deciding on Chinese take-out.  Imagine visiting a museum which displays only miniature works.

If you’re viewing this post on a phone, please consider reentering the web address on a computer with a decent sized monitor –– at least a pad.



Twenty sixteen was year of inventing new professional photography assignments.



boy sledding in winter

From January 2016, “boy sledding” was created for a sports eyeglass marketing project by Denver professional photographers.



Nature Photography

In August, I posted Pissing Hummingbirds. In it I describe how this tiny creatures completely captured my attention. I could not stop myself from making more and more exposures. Here are a few.

Denver Photographer of Gossamer Beauty

This gossamer beauty comes from a self-assignment of hummingbirds in flight.

Denver photographer DeCroce did not see the Hummingbird pissing in real-time. It was only when the images were downloaded to the computer that the piss was discovered.




Colorado photographers

                                         On this one, I did some “painting” and other artistic enhancements.



Executive Portrait Photography – Heart of… Denver Professional Photographers At DeCroce


We’ll never grow tired of creating unique portraits for business people, writers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to see beyond the veneer. Our curiosity unveils the people we photograph.  Edward Angelo DeCroce said it best when he wrote in a 1978 article for professional photographers: “A superficial interest of a person will result in a superficial portrait.”

Many other business profiles can be seen on our main website. And a recent article on this blog Inside Executive Portrait Photographers describes how Denver professional photographers put together an executive portrait photoshoot.

two portraits of attorneys in Denver

Attorney portraits from Kelly and Walker are among top all-time favorite business portraits.

Denver photographers

Sports writer Jonah Keri at Coors Field – from “Portraits of a Baseball Writer”  ( April 2016 ).

Denver professional photographers from DeCroce create variety in style for business head-shot photography.


In late 2015, I was reintroduced to my reliable friend –– the 20mm lens. This one is rectilinear.




Youth Baseball Sports Photography

Capturing my favorite subject is always a top passion. This season, I obsessed over getting great action shots of each player. Levi (same last name) has loved playing baseball since age 5. He was nominated to the all star teem several times but his teams sucked – finishing in the cellar every year. 2016 was a special year under coach Mike Thurman and assistant coaches. The Reds went 15-1 beating the Bluejays in the championship game.


red and blue baseball caps tossed into the air

After years of losing seasons, the Reds won the championship for 12 year olds of SE Denver baseball. This is a blog post still waiting to be written.

Two youth sports baseball photos.

The fun part of youth sports photography is catching these awesome expressions.
Here are some shots of my favorite subject. Levi was 12 during the baseball season. Capturing youth sports action shots is almost as much fun as playing the game.

I wanted to make an uncommon youth baseball team picture. With the aid of Denver fine art photographer Zach Singer as my assistant, I’m happy with this result. The flip mount of the LCD screen on the Nikon D750 was also a big plus. I didn’t have to lay on the ground to get the shot. It was shot at dusk with three Alien B strobe lights and one Nikon SB900.



This fine art photography depiction of Denver tower reflections is by Denver Photographer Edwards DeCroce.

Fine art photography “Tower Reflections” was created by Denver professional photographer Edward DeCroce during a lawyer portrait photo-shoot.


This was captured in the lobby outside the Goldman law Firm in February 2016.


Professional photographers in Denver at DeCroce create dramatic industrial photography.



…………Three Broken Feet in One Year………….

Boys who play hard sometimes get hurt. Levi broke his foot three times in 2016. Luckily, it was the left foot made from multi layers of carbon fiber.


Business Photography for Moser Aviation



Marty and Sara Moser of Moser Aviation.


Interior Photography


Professional photographers from DeCroce focus on people most of the time. But we also create inanimate compositions like interiors. This was done for Maxx Properties.

Black and white photo of roughnecks at work

Roughneck” ( July2017 ) was written as a tribute to to the workers of the Energy business. It was also an attempt to practice prose.

B&W portrait of Energy photography Forman

Energy foreman in West Virginia.

A yearly project to photograph the City Lax gala keeps honed our event photography skills in Denver. The mission of Denver City Lax “is to create educational and enrichment opportunities for youth in underserved Denver neighborhoods through the sport of lacrosse.” ………………………………………………………………….. In this editorial photography image, we see Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisee engaged in conversation.

business meeting photo

Editorial photography in Denver was part of the conversation in “Denver Commercial Photographers Rock” ( April 2016 ). And the image was also used in DeCroce Blog article ( January 2016 ) on the Denver professional photographers’ work for ESP Settlements.

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Executive portrait photography:

Executive Portrait Photographers


This article is written for business executives who want to look good in their portrait photography photo-shoot. It’s also written for executive portrait photographers. Writing advice for both sides of the camera lens in one article might seem like a reach. But any professional photo-shoot is a shared experience between the photographer and the subject. And what compels executive portrait photographers is the opportunity to create inspired portraiture of women and men at the top of their profession.

Professional photographers at DeCroce have a long tradition of making innovative executive portraits in Denver. And we travel to cities across the USA for corporate executive portrait photography. We have been for over 50 years. Advertising agencies and corporate marketing professionals call on us when they’re looking for innovation.
Denver executive portrait photography in downtown Denver location.

This executive man portrait photography with downtown cityscape for JE Dunn Construction was captured  just moments before a deluge rainfall turned 17th downtown Denver into a river. Suzanne Blons did the make-up for this executive portrait.

Denver lawyer in woman executive portrait photography with light and shadow background

As professional executive portrait photographers, we look for subtle but graphically interesting backgrounds. Sometimes a simple pattern of light and shadow augments the composition. Make-up by the sublime talent –– Suzanne Blons.


Executive woman portrait photo on stairs

Executive woman portrait photography of Misty Lynes-Orzech was done as part of a marketing photography project of the Dallas based executive for Optis.



Based Denver Executive Portrait Photographers

Executive portrait photographers from deCroce in Denver traveled to Pittsburgh Pa for corporate photo-shoots. The business photography project for WPX included both industry field photography and corporate executive portrait photography. When traveling to other cities, professional business photographers streamline their camera and lighting gear. Depending on the nature and expectations of the assignment, photography pros will often seek out local assistants as I did for this photo-shoot.

Executive portrait photographers

Stay tuned for more…

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Tonya deCroce is currently traveling the globe in an effort to bring back to life the works and the stories of her grandfather –

Denver portrait photographer Edward Angelo deCroce.

She met with the curators of the Photography International Hall of Fame in St. Louis Mo. last week. She meets with Hassleblad in Gothenburg Sweden today and she’ll travel to Italian photographer Marcello Nitti next week.

Locally she’s talked with iconic photographers such as Nicholas DeSciose and Denver photo-lab pioneer Bob Reed.

If anyone would like to share some stories with Tonya, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Today, she shared a letter received from the founder of Brooks Institute.

 Your Magnificent Grandfather

Dear Tonya, I was delighted and excited when I had met Edward Angelo DeCroce on the Brooks Institute campus in that summer of 1980. When the West Coast School of Professional Photographers conducted seminars, we had so much to share in our lives.
First was the use of the early Hasselblad camera system..we both shared Victor Hasselblad’s vision of the 70mm format for the highest quality. Edward chose the “out-of-doors with natural light to build his studio and in doing so enthralled so many photographers to switch to his natural lighting and incredible use of the natural environment. I chose to do the same in my underwater World with the camera that Victor himself presented me in 1961.
The style of outdoor photography that Edward Angelo Decroce presented …won the hearts of the entire photographic profession.
My best wishes on your journey Tonya.

………..with Love, Ernie Brooks


Denver Portrait Photographer

Touch Of A Hand ©1971 Edward Angelo DeCroce – was a hugely successful outdoor portrait for its time. A large 30″x30″ framed print was hung at the opening of the Epcot Center in Florida in 1982. Portrayed in “Touch Of A Hand are Edward’s daughter Olivia and granddaughter Tonya.


Archiving Past Works

The Work of Denver portrait photographer Edward Angelo deCroce

Denver portrait photographer Edward Angelo DeCroce dreamed big.

Shaped by the desperation of pre-WWII America, his life (1919-1983) was a quest to succeed. The hard times of his teen years forged in him a sprit that would ultimately precipitate his unique contribution to the world of photography.

What makes the acclaim of DeCroce most remarkable is that his reputation was built not by creating glamour images of Hollywood stars, but by making portraits of ordinary people. Aside from a few accomplished symphony conductors, deCroce’s subjects were not famous. And his Denver photography studio was located in a part of town more known for the oldest profession than the heartfelt portrait photography that would define his life.

To judge art of the past through the eyes of the present can be a misleading endeavor. Tours of the Sistine Chapel, for example, begin by displaying artists’ work before 1500. So when viewers are finally shown the work of Michelangelo, they are in awe. They can grasp the concept that Michelangelo’s work was a giant leap.

Photography of the 20th century saw remarkable advancements in technology every decade. And innovative photographers reflected the changing times with new styles and ideas. In this way, Edward Angelo DeCroce was a true pioneer of professional photography. His work reflected society and influenced professional photographers around the world.

The Denver photographers .

Early Innovation – Color & The Slim Line

As the Beat Generation morphed into the pre-hippie era of the early 1960s, DeCroce offered a style of portraits that fit the time. Always shot on white seamless, the slim-line portrait was made for baby boomers who donned ski clothes, penny loafers or capris. These portraits were made into unusually narrow vertical or horizontal prints – hence the name “slim-line”.

Color photography had existed for decades but mostly as an anomaly.  For professional photographers, color remained on the horizon until the 60s. And even then, the sole color lab in the city (Bri Tone) catered to the amateur market. DeCroce dove deep into color photography creating his own lab in the basement of his studio. At first with “basket” technology, DeCroce Studio offered its customers color portraits years before they became the standard. When Dunning Photo came out with the Kreonite processor, deCroce invested in the giant 32″ version. The studio’s color printer, Carol Small, devoted herself to becoming an unparalleled expert. And by the mid 70s she had acquired a steady national clientele of pro photographers.

The Renaissance Portrait

Edward Angelo DeCroce continually strived for new techniques that would free him from the cliche. Influenced by Dutch painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, DeCroce often photographed with just one light. He utilized very slow shutter speeds to capture ambient light and bounced a small light off  ceiling or walls to augment ambient fill light. Studio lighting by deCroce was elegant in its simplicity. And to complete the aura of a photographic painting, DeCroce used oil paints on top photographs. Works were then finished with brush strokes of clear lacquer. With his color lab and finishing techniques, the studio offered large format prints in ornate frames not unlike museum portraits. He called these works The Renaissance.


Outdoor Portraiture & The Hasselblad – f4 @ 1/60

Simultaneously, DeCroce yearned to create works that reflected turbulent changes in American society. Working outside to capture a photojournalistic style of portraiture was not happening with the 4×5 format. And 35mm format was not substantial enough to create wall portraits with regularity. So in the 1960s deCroce traded one of his 4×5 cameras with a high school boy named Robert Penny in return for a Hasselblad 1000F. With the 70mm (2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″) Hasselblad, deCroce was free to create unique sets of portraits under (as he said) “God’s light”. Edward refused the notion of bringing his studio outdoors. He opted instead to work very simply without strobes or reflectors.

In photography, we adjust our exposures for any given light condition. But DeCroce reversed that formula. He sought light that would fit his exposure. The constants were always the same: 150mm lens wide open @f4, film speed @100 ASA (now referred to as ISO). For photographers steeped in the digital age, f4 is roughly equivalent to f2.0 on 35mm. With the two variables taken out of the equation, only shutter speed remained to control exposure. The use of monopods or tripods was often necessary.


DeCroce minimized the mechanics of photography for one simple reason. The Denver portrait photographer’s goal was to make a connection with the people in his images. DeCroce felt that continual tinkering with cameras and lights interrupts the flow and the mood of a portrait session. “A superficial interest in people results in superficial pictures.” He wrote.


Denver photographer





Portrait Photographer Denver

In Violinist With Cosmos 1977, Denver Symphony violinist Lee Yeignst plays during photo-session of portraiture by Edward A. DeCroce. As the Denver portrait photographer delved into his “self assignment” for the DSO, he surmised that his images became more vibrant when the musicians played their instruments.The addition of listeners added yet another element of design and realism to his works. The composition was created in the home of DeCroce’s longtime friend and internationally recognized painter Pawel Kontney. The giant painting entitled “Cosmos” hung in the entry room to Kontney’s home becoming the background of this composition. Pawel’s wife Imgard Kontney is the listener.




Denver Portrait photographers

Gaetano Delogu was musical director of the DSO in 1979 when Denver portrait photographer Eward Angelo deCroce made this studio portrait. Delogu went on to conduct the Prague symphony until 1998.



The list of merits and accomplishments of Edward Angelo DeCroce is outstanding. He taught photography seminars and gave photography lectures in the USA, Canada, England, Australia and Denmark. He headed courses in contemporary photography at the West Coast School of Photography at The Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara Ca., and was on the faculty as a photography professor at The Colorado Institute of Art when he died in 1983.

Four of Mr. DeCroce’s works were selected for exhibition in the International Photography Hall of Fame when it was located in Santa Barbra Ca. He was awarded a Master of Photography PPA degree in 1966 and a Photographic Craftsman degree in 1970. He received the coveted American Society of Photographers (ASP) Fellowship Award in June 1978. In the 1960s he served as president for Professional Photographers of America (PPA) regionally. And he later served as national judge for the Loan Collection and PPA judging panels. Edward Angelo deCroce won the Kodak Academy Awards and had works included in the opening ceremonies at the Epcot Center in 1982.


From the 1960s until 1983, DeCroce’s works and his philosophy were published in photography magazines including Rangefinder, Studio Light, and The Professional Photographer. In 1972, Hasselblad Magazine published the first of three articles on the life and photographic works of Edward Angelo deCroce.

In “The Tide Changes” (Hasselblad 1972), DeCroce wrote: [For me] “There is no area of endeavor which is more personal nor more intimate than the photography of the human entity. No area of photography is more stimulating, challenging, demanding and rewarding than the photography of people.”

The Symphony Series by Edward A. DeCroce was debuted in its entirety by Hasselblad Magazine in 1978. And in 1982, deCroce was selected by Hasselblad Gallery as one of the top 10 photographers worldwide to represent the exquisite camera maker at Photokina 1982. Other notable photographers selected by Hasselblad that year were Americans Ansel Adams and photojournalist Judy Olausen along with science photographer Lennart Nilsson who first photographed an embryo in the womb.

The exhibit which included 10 works by each photographer traveled to museums and galleries internationally.  It was just after DeCroce’s passing when the exhibit in the fall of 1983 arrived in Denver.

Denver portrait photographer DeCroce embarked in 1977 on a “self assignment” –– a photographic essay in portraits of the Denver Symphony Orchestra. With no commission from the DSO, DeCroce was free to explore. DeCroce wrote in “The Professional Photographer” (October 1979)  “I was not compelled to please symphony management nor any individual musician. The challenge that faced me was how to imaginatively create a composition of each musician that was strikingly different than anything I had seen before.” Portrait works of the Denver Symphony were made into very large prints by Carol Small at the DeCroce lab, framed elegantly by Signe G. DeCroce and bequeathed to the DSO where they hung for decades in Boettcher Hall . The symphony series by DeCroce helped to garner world-wide recognition for the Denver Orchestra.

Hasselblad writer Evald Karlsten in September 1982 likened deCroce’s photographic portraits to Rembrandt.  Karlsten wrote: “The thing that turned my thoughts to a past which is so remote and yet so near was seeing a series of color photographs taken by distinguished American photographer Edward Angelo deCroce.  There is a Rembrandt touch about them, pictures depicting musicians in their work environments.”

Forty years earlier in 1942, Edward’s first taste of photography came during WWII. Trained as an aerial photographer in the south Pacific, his job was to create both oblique and mosaic images for mapmaking. After the war, he opened his first portrait studio in his home town near Pittsburgh Pa before moving his family to Denver Colorado in 1957. Before opening his Denver studio in 1960, he worked for Kurt Jafay in the historic D&F Tower –– now referred to as the clock tower.

Denver people photographer


Denver portrait photographer Edward Angelo deCroce embarked on a monumental photographic series when he began the Symphony Series in 1977. "Bassist " ©1977 was composed in the photographer

Denver portrait photographer Edward Angelo DeCroce embarked on a monumental photographic series when he began the Symphony Series in 1977. “Bassist ” ©1977 was composed in the photographer’s home. A neighbor lady posed as the listener.

Denver Photographers

As the Denver portrait photographer progressed in the photo-essay of the Denver Symphony Orchestra, he began to include other art forms in his images like sculpture, dance, and painting

people Photographers Denver

Soon after the Denver photographer began the Denver Symphony Series, he chose to add a listener to his compositions

Soon after the Denver photographer began the Denver Symphony Series, he chose to add a listener to his compositions

Denver Photographers Denver photographers Denver Photographer

As a young man in the mid 1930s and with is six siblings and mother

As a young man in the mid 1930s and with his six siblings and mother.

EA in studio1950s

Denver photographer

  • Arthur Rosenblum - Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eddie. What memories you’ve stirred up. I plan to spend quite a bit of time with your blog. Your parents would be so proud of you for both the tributes you pay them, and for the artistry and technical quality of your photography. This made my day. — ArthurReplyCancel

  • Lynn Schriner - What an amazing legacy! Seeing your fathers work again…remembering the portraits in the window of his studio as we walked by. His work was art in it’s highest form. I remember the son, with a camera, always a camera. The son had an eye for beauty and captured light in ways that inspired me. I am honored to call you friend. From a very young age till now, your work delights and challenges! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree Edward! Amazing!ReplyCancel

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A Finnish friend of a friend has a funny expression. Its used when our actions seem insignificant and inconsequential. Instead of the tired old line “like a drop in the bucket” her Finnish phrase makes me laugh out loud. She says “Its like a mosquito pissing in the ocean” Well –– this story is about pissing hummingbirds.

Colorado photographers

On this one, I did some “painting” and other artistic enhancements. All the others are true photographic representations.
Like in a theatrical ballet production, the tiny performer seems to be asking for applause.




For me, the funniest part of “a mosquito pissing in the ocean” is conjuring up the mental image of what that would look like. And how big of a drop would that be anyway. I picture a tiny mosquito flying over a vast sea toward the setting sun dropping its liquid load. Is it possible that even one living creature would notice? Could I possibly photograph the event?

Then I picture that tiny drop descending down down into the Pacific (I’m more familiar with the Pacific than other oceans). When it finally joins its obese relative, there is no parade – no welcoming committee – no splash at all.

Whoa, is that not the epitome of insignificant?

Photographing hummingbirds last week was a real exercise in patience. I’ve always loved hummingbirds — I let their air-show capture me — I surrender to their hypnotic spell.

While studying painting in college, I drew a lady hummingbird in her nest keeping warm her eggs. Every day after class, I’d make a new draft of my friend and her offspring-to-be. It was a sad day when one of those nasty squawking crows ate the eggs and halted my art project.

And I’ve photographed hummingbirds too. I’ve shot them on film and captured their flight with earlier digital cameras. But up until now, I never saw them pissing. Fact is, I still haven’t seen them pissing. Their movement is so abrupt that my total concentration was spent on getting them in sharp focus. I didn’t notice any piss when I reviewed images on the camera’s LCD screen. But I did notice an unusual number of failed attempts: delete-delete-delete. It was back in my light-lab at the computer screen that I was first wowed by hummingbird piss. Scroll down through the artistic ones to witness miniature foul urine.


Denver Hummingbird photographers

As the light level was low, I used two SB900 Speed-lights to illuminate the hummingbird. One light mounted on the camera was bounced off of a reflective surface while the other light, held by my top notch assistant and sister Sandee was aimed directly at the hummingbird.

Hummingbird Denver Photography



It was refreshing to get away from work for a few days. My son Levi and I visited a place I first saw when I was about his age — my sister and brother-in-law’s mountain cabin. Sandee and Tom lost the original Swanson family retreat in the 1996 Buffalo Creak Fire. And now, 20 years later, their new self-built cabin is a quiet paradise. For them, the fire had a fortunate outcome. In the olden days, an endless parade of dust-making campers trucks and other vehicles passing by. But now, the Buffalo Creak Road is now open only to mountain bikers. I’d like to do a complete article on their cabin called “Castleview” in the future. But this story is about hummingbirds.

Yes, This story is dedicated to gossamer elegance. This post is about a tiny creature that migrates all the way to Central America during our winter. And then comes back to the same homes and cabins visited during the previous year.

Unlike many articles posted on this blog, readers won’t read boring paragraphs devoted to search engine optimization (SEO). This story is devoid of the typical word phrases like executive portrait, people photographer, or commercial photographers in Colorado. There won’t be any descriptions of corporate photographers, industrial photographers or fashion photographers in Denver. Readers of this blog will find it refreshing to know that they won’t have to read lengthy diatribes the true meaning of commercial photography or advertising photography.

But this story, of course is all about pissing hummingbirds. So lets get back to the pictures.


Denver hummingbird photographers

The strong detail of the previously posted images was in-part due to electronic strobe light.
But starting with this one, the remaining photographs were made with available light only. My aim was to capture the translucent wings.

Denver Photographer Portfolio

Notice the narrow depth of field on this one. Focus is dissolving on both wings. With a shutter speed of 1/8000 second and the ISO dialed up to 10,000, the aperture was f2.0.

Denver Photographer of birds bird photographer in Denver Denver Photographer of Birds Colorado Bird Photographer 11_Hummingbird110

Denver photographer DeCroce did not see the Hummingbird pissing in real-time. It was only when the images were downloaded to the computer that the piss was discovered.

Denver photographer DeCroce did not see the pissing hummingbird in real-time. It was only when the images were downloaded to the computer that the piss was discovered.

Pissing Hummingbird Photographers

“Pissing Hummingbird In Flight” was captured by Denver photographer DeCroce. Who knew that capturing photographs of pissing hummingbirds could be so much fun.


Fighting Hummingbird Photographers in Denver

After hours of photographing Hummingbirds, I was finally fortunate to film a fight in flight. The red neck hummingbird was the aggressor. He’s also the one who makes that purring sound.

From the hundreds of good shots, selecting the final images to post was tedious. What makes this one interesting is the injuries on this hummingbird

From the hundreds of good shots, selecting the final images to post was tedious. What makes this one interesting is the injuries on this hummingbird’s beak —presumably due to confrontations with that mean red neck hummingbird.
A more scientific possibility is reprinted here from Wikipedia. “Upon maturity, males of one species, Phaethornis longirostris, the long-billed hermit, appear to be evolving a dagger-like weapon on the beak tip as a secondary sexual trait to defend mating areas.”

Denver Photographer of Gossamer Beauty

This gossamer beauty is my favorite.









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Marketing Photographers Tools And Usage In Denver


Owners of small businesses have their arms full with a multiplicity of hourly chores and projects. And marketing-photographers marketing themselves (after aiding other businesses in marketing) often fall short. There’s a finite amount of time in one hour – usually about 60 minutes. And marketing-photographers (and other small business people) are left with the 59th and 60th minutes to devote to their own marketing.

Edward DeCroce

So what to do?

The easiest solution is to hire and pay a professional marketing photographer to market your unique brand. The creation and usage of well executed professional photography cannot be overstated. The best photographers are always the ones who charge the most. Everyone knows that.


Imagine that we lived in the day when brick & mortar business was our only business option. Imagine that your business location is right in the heart of the quaintest part of town on the quaintest street (outside of a Hollywood film studio). Your business neighbors diligently paint the facades of their shops with the most avant-garde colors. They’ve created cute readable signage. And they proudly arrange their wares behind shiny glass windows. But in order to save money, you hired a 14 year old cousin to design your storefront. And your single small window hasn’t been cleaned since Harry met Sally.

Brick and mortar business live in the age of cyber circulation too. And every business person should remember that superior uncommon imagery is an invitation to buy and hire.

Signage =  Headline.

Paint = Photography

Your your personal portrait = The window to your shop.



Engage a professional photographer to create, explore and inspire. Make the process of a professional entrepreneur or an executive photo-shoot fun. Be patient and allow original conceptions to evolve. Collaborate with your marketing-photographer marketing you. Rely on your joint decisions.

This example of marketing-photographers marketing themselves is a 6×8 card printed by 4BY6.


A Fulcrum Trio – Marketing Photographers Marketing Your Image


Once superior images are in place, the question persists – what to do?

  1. Treat your clients right! When we meet professionals, we expect a friendly handshake. We like to be looked squarely in the eye. We trust a soft smile.  Our professional portrait is no different. Our photograph is our introduction. It launches relationships and sets forth a path that can lead to a lifetime of mutual achievement. Create a collection of varied professional portraits and editorial – action images that can be published in print and on the web.
  2.  The era of print is not over. Introduce yourself to new business with well designed printed material. Send it by mail, hand it out personally and use it in magazines and newspapers. The tactile feel of beautifully presented photography will always impress.
  3. Pay homage to the lord engines of cyber heaven. Small business and marketing photographers alike, must explore and impress cyber robots. Without online exposure, your business gas-tank is empty.



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