Aviation photography assignments demand keen attention to details.

So when city planner, Sean McCartney from Louisville, said he needed over 20 aerial photos,
we did quite a lot of homework before the flight.
Denver photographers at DeCroce never know what the next job will be.
But we have a staff of photographers adept in many categories
of commercial and corporate photography.
tremendous advice and useful tips for this job.

Fine-art photographer Zach Singer cut his teeth on aerial photography
while shooting for Greenpeace back in the old days of film.

I was lucky to team up with pilot Ben Porter of Colorado HELI-OPS.
Located just moments away from the outskirts of Louisville, HELI-OPS is a recognized
leader in helicopter Pilot training, with specialization
and experience in high altitude and mountain flying.
They offer city scenic tours, mountain tours and photographic flights
in addition to pilot training.

The Robinson R44 at sunrise ready for takeoff. Colorado Heli-Ops removed the passenger door providing a clearer view for aerial photography and a better thrill.


Ben Porter was the consummate helicopter pilot offering assistance
before and during the flight.  Even after hours of preparation studying aerial maps,
Ben was a big help in locating landmarks from the air.
And the aerial photo-shoot for Louisville Colorado was a resounding success.
In fact, Louisville city planner, Sean McCartney had this to say.  “Everyone is very impressed
with your work so you should feel very pleased at what you provided.”
Colorado Heli-Ops Pilot

Ben Porter of Colorado Heli-Ops prepares the Robinson R44 for flight over Colordo. Photojournalism is a big part of what we do at DeCroce.



When I wasn't making aerial photographs of Colorado, I kept busy shooting photos of pilot Ben Porter from Colorado Heli-Ops.




Aviation-Photographer-Edward DeCroce-in-action

Pictures of Denver based photographer Edward DeCroce were made by Dennis Pierce from Colorado Heli-Ops. THANK YOU Dennis. It was an exhilarating flight.

Pilot Ben Porter from Colorado Heli-Ops poses for headshot Portrait in Colorado.



Looking west over Boulder Colorado. Shot by the aviation photographers in Colorado from DeCroce.

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Is DMIS the best school in Denver?
Parents of kids anywhere probably feel that their school is tops.
And the parents of kids at DMIS are no different.  Although its private, its not snobby.
Denver Montclair International School (DMIS) is a full immersion
language elementary school.  If offers full-immersion,
bilingual education in French, Mandarin Chinese
and Spanish to students ages 3 through 5th grade.
And its middle school is an International Baccalaureate Candidate School.
A job I look forward to every year is to photograph the kids and the classes at DMIS.
As a professional photographer, I’ve portrayed the lives of thousands of people in Colorado
and around the world.  But as the parent of a second grader in the French program,
no job is more fun than this one.  Photographers get to see behind the scenes,
and it’s my job to document life as my lens sees it.  So in this way,
capturing everyday life at DMIS is not unlike other assignments.
But as I move from one class to the next, I feel as though I’m traveling the globe.
Full immersion means that whatever subject the class is studying, be it math or history,
is spoken in Mandarin or Spanish or French.
And the differences between the classrooms is every bit as unique as the
countries they represent.  When I enter a Mandarin class to make photographs,
it not only sounds like China, but the sense of order and style is Chinese.   The Spanish
program is ranked as one of the top four elementary Spanish language immersion schools
in North America by the Spanish Ministry of Education. And the French program has been the
foundation of DMIS since its inception in 1977.  It is accredited by the
French Ministry of Education.  One step inside a French classroom at DMIS is to smell the crepe-suzette.
It’s incredible to think how we found this path.  When our son was
in preschool at Paddington, several teachers commented about his
natural ability for speech.  We tried a summer French camp and then enrolled
him in pre-K at DIS (before the merger with Montclair).  We don’t speak anything but English at home, and my knowledge of French
contains only the most basic words.  I did a lot of photography for ballet, so I knew the meaning
of merde.  But now, 4 years later, our French speaking neighbor from the island of
Mauritius tells us that our son sounds more like a little French boy than an American
speaking French.
Incredible DMIS!

Amira Ghanam (upper left) grew up speaking English, French and Arabic with her family in Saudi Arabia and later in France. All the kids at DMIS are bright. Of course, this blog is partial to the boy in the white t-shirt (upper right). Expressive Spanish lead teacher Marta Lopez (center) has also volunteered in an orphanage in Peru and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Kung Fu class for the DMIS elementary students in the Mandarin program.



Spanish program coordinator Luis Diaz works with DMIS middle school students during drama rehearsal.


Leah Bassoff (upper left) is an English teacher at DMIS. The School offers comprehensive instruction in English in conjunction with its other language programs. The school also offers an English-only program for students in grades 3-5. In the upper right photo, Bénédicte Ogilvie, originally from Paris, shows a newly hatched duckling to French students. Edith-Emilie Riedel (center) is the French Program Coordinator. Each September, she leads the 5th grade French students on a sojourn to France.



Mandarin lead teacher Jia Jia works with students in the classroom at DMIS. Jia was a contributing author of a textbook on Chinese literature that was published in 2006.


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Denver professional photographers get calls every day from business people inquiring about professional portrait photography in Denver, executive portraits, and creative headshots in Denver offices or other locations.  Sometimes the cost of hiring a real photographer comes as a shock.  But most business leaders already know that the best Denver photographers can offer far more than just a well exposed photo.  While pro photographers in cities like New York or L.A. charge at least $1,000 for a headshot portrait session, the going rate for a professional photo shoot in Denver is far less.  Rates for professional photography in Denver range between $400 and $900 for a business portrait session.

Life coach Troy West called late last week to set a time for his business portrait in Denver. He was ready set a time to do portraits for a new website before his business trip to Brazil. And the photo shoot was a resounding success.  If fact, it was one of the most fun business photo shoots ever for this photographer.  Not only is Troy a good looking and distinguished business leader, but he was looking for some very creative unique photography-something that would capture the eye of the casual web surfer.  We started with some interesting Denver headshots and finished 3 hours later with Troy lunging toward the camera lens like superman.  The Denver headshot session was shot on location at the Camren Studios by the corporate headshot photographers in Denver from DeCroce.

Denver business photography is a blast!



A Denver headshot can be serious and interesting all at the same time.




Dramatic lighting and a high camera angle work together to emphasize the strong face of Life Coach troy West in this Denver business headshot.




Who says a Denver business portrait should be dull. Troy was willing to try a fun approach to creating an unusual and dynamic business portrait in Colorado.


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The commercial photo shoot in downtown Denver for VeeV took place in the midst
of Kevin Larson’s “shoes and brews” event.
The stunning advertisement photo in Denver was shot by the Denver Photographers from DeCroce.
Illuminated by natural light and two reflectors, the advertising photo showing VeeV, catches the eye of even the most casual viewer.

VeeV is The World’s First Açaí Spirit™ and is simply a better way to drink™.

Açaí (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee) is the exotic tasting Brazilian national fruit

thought to be the healthiest fruit on the planet.

Packed with nutrients, this purple berry tastes like an exotic

blend of dark berries plus the added benefit of 57% more antioxidants

than pomegranates or blueberries, and 30 times more heart-healthy anthocyanins than red wine.


VeeV donates 1% of all sales to Rainforest preservation.


Late afternoon sky and two reflectors provided just the right light for his advertising photo in Denver. And it could well be the perfect advertising image for VeeV. The commercial photo in Denver might be just the start of this model's stint with VeeV. Of course the commercial photographers in Denver from DeCroce would love sign an extended advertising photo project with VeeV as well.

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Denver commercial photography is sometimes a compilation of two or more separate images.

While working with the art directors from the Firestone advertising,

the commercial photographers from DeCroce photography in Denver

shot against a green screen indoors on a rainy day.

From hundreds of images of the real-life condo owners at the Pinnacle, only a few

were selected by the Firestone art directors.

These best commercial photography photos Denver were then

superimposed onto the interior photographs in Denver shot at the Pinnacle.


Pinnacle at City Park South offers downtown Denver condo living

with a vast spectrum of Denver views, luxury finishes and extensive amenities.

At The Pinnacle you will find Denver’s most stunning Condo living filled

with light and style then infused with an urban attitude.

The commercial photographers Colorado from DeCroce photography have often worked with a green screen to achieve what art directors envision.  And as commercial photographers in Denver we also work hard to get the right advertising photo in one shot.

Colorado attracts and nourishes rugged outdoor individualism.  So it’s no surprise that most of our commercial photography in Colorado is authentic action photography throughout Colorado and the west.


The wine room at The Pinnacle offers an inviting warm background for this commercial advertising photo in Denver


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