As Denver people photographers, We love expressive portraits! And when clients encourage creativity, the photo-shoot is not just more fun – it’s more productive.

Creativity is about losing inhibitions. Creativity is born from experimentation.

I’ll never grow tired of making exquisite “normal” portraits for executive clients and commercial people photography projects. And my savvy expertise (brag brag) ensures that the final business portrait will exceed my clients expectations. But every once in a while, I get the opportunity to try something a little different. Every once in a while, I get a client like Troy West.

A young engaging entrepreneur, Troy is a lifestyle financial planner and coach with a heart of gold. He takes a comprehensive and consultative approach with each of his unique clients. He sees the big picture in achieving his clients objectives.

We had so much fun during this photo-shoot. The big spacious studio allowed for our ideas to spawn new ideas and by the end of the session Troy was lunging toward the camera like superman.


I love this expressive business portrait of entrepreneur troy west.

Expressive business portrait of CEO entrepreneur Troy West.



People photographers who are based in Denver have always faced the dual task of fulfilling their current clients visions one the one hand, while still attracting new clients. As  Denver people photographers who have been fortunate to glean new work from past clients’ recommendations, we didn’t have to do much marketing. New business has come our way as a result of favorable accolades from the people I photographed. But a percentage of new work always comes from individuals and businesses who are less familiar with my work and the longstanding reputation of DeCroce – Denver people photographers. In the old days, business relied on printed publications. In the world of the internet, we try to get noticed by search engines.

Now this is where something has gone afoul. My website has become invisible to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines.

Up until recently, I enjoyed success with SEO organic listings. For example, Google-searches, using keywords like “corporate photographer” or “executive portrait photographer” displayed many DeCroce images. Suddenly, at about the same time that I updated my landing page (October 2015), all images coming from disappeared from the search engines. The only images that show up now are the ones that have been posted on my blog-site or published elsewhere. In fact, a search for my main domain shows only one image from the “review” tab on my website.

I’ve communicated with agents from Google as well as my website host, but the issue is now several months old. And I must say, it’s rather frustrating. Keyword searches are still showing newly posted images from this website – So in order to push some of the old photographs farther down the viewing screen, I need to post lots of new stories with and interesting professional photographs.

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Turtle In Gas Easement




On a photo-shoot in West Virginia for, it was my job to capture images of the process of moving natural gas from the well – called “midstream”. Toward the end of a long exhausting day of shooting, I finally find a photogenic gas “easement” – a swath cut through the deciduous forest in order to lay underground gas pipe. I climb miles up the steep muddy easement, and sucking for air now when I detect an unusual rock. “Whoa, I’ve never seen a rock like that” I say out-loud. But when I bend down to examine my newfound gem, it turns into a turtle.

I never set out to be an oil & gas photographer and in fact I’m reticent to admit that i enjoyed it. But with growing bones to nourish, I never had enough opulence to chose my clients. A few “energy” CEO executive portraits led to field work and happy clients led to new companies who needed field photographs. In many ways I was a kid in the sandbox again, but now I was directing real trucks and giant tractors into just the right spot for my shot.

In every photo-shoot with energy executives and in conversations with roughnecks, I would always ask to hear their views on climate change. Then I’d quietly ask them if it isn’t time to wean ourselves off petro-dependancy. To the CEOs I’d say, “If this were my company, I’d invest the vast profits from oil into renewable energy sources” And It was surprising how many times they nodded in agreement – if only perhaps, to shift the conversation.

Pulling the rug out from beneath the oil and gas industry overnight seems cruel to the millions of workers and investors who either directly or indirectly depend on what Rockefeller and his ilk created. The entire planet relies on the stuff. And is seems hypocritical to chastise a rural Appalachian family of hardworking roughnecks one day, and then drive 70 miles to go skiing the next. Real change means that every side of the climate change dynamic must be willing to see the issue though apposing eyes. And it means LOTS of conversation. But the facts seem evident now. Courageous changes must happen very soon.

The catalyst that is heating our biosphere is US.  Only we can attempt to affect it’s course.

Now this is where I get angry. A few weeks ago  a friend posted on Facebook, a basic scientific statement explaining in simple terms how climate change works. She ended her post asking how in the world an entire party of presidential candidates could totally ignore the science behind climate change.

To her question, I posted my response:


We’ve known the answer to that question, for over 40 years. But then we forgot.

Forty years ago, it was “radical” to talk about the corporate takeover of government. Long before the Koch brothers blatantly made the purchase of political candidates common knowledge, there was ample evidence that the system is rigged. Even Eisenhower said so in his 1959 farewell address. In the 1970s, fundamental changes began to take root regarding industry’s ill-effects on the planet. Organizations like Greenpeace and The Natural Resources Defense Council, were established to counter big industry. Progress was underway. Both public perception of environmental trauma and real legislation aimed at averting concomitant disasters, marked the era as a time of rebirth and cooperation. We drove smaller cars, set thermostats lower and learned new ways to dispose of plastic crap.

But simultaneous to worldwide green movements, dark forces lead by sons of Watergate, systematically bought back their version of America. With vast reserves of corporate wealth, a political quagmire deepened with each uttered breath of AM radio. The clever masters of Twister, somehow managed to glue together beliefs systems seemingly at odds, as pure-minded church-goers began to copulate with the great granddaughters of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The term liberal became synonymous with WEAK. Americans were taught to disregard Jimmy Carter and environmentalists as a well-meaning but naive fools. Radio, television and internet promulgators persuaded rural and uneducated Americans to disbelieve information delivered by anyone other than themselves – especially university professors.

Now the really amazing part is – their plan has been wildly successful. A twelve year war that benefited no one except the makers of war machines and a Supreme Court decision which rules that giant mega-corporations can dole limitless funds to pro-biz candidates, speaks to the inane world created by the puppeteers of the Republican party.

It’s time to stop being surprised. The wizards behind the elephant are powerful but they will always underestimate the intelligence of the American people (or at least half of). Electing climate-change-deniers will have disastrous consequences.

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Executive Photography for Executive Women in Business and Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph hundreds of women entrepreneurs, attorneys, CEOs, writers, judges and artists. This post is part of a series representing photography of executive women and women entrepreneurs.


It was serendipitous timing. During a very busy stretch in the summer of 2015, I received a call from a bank in Florida inquiring about the usage of an executive portrait they spotted on my website. Then the next week, the same client who was the subject of the inquiry, called to schedule a new business portrait photo-shoot.

I first photographed Kerri Blair about six years ago in her home office near the Tech Center. I remember the photo-shoot as an exuberant one as we experimented with several diverse ideas and changes of attire. Keri is an internationally recognized image consultant and personal stylist, so the photograph that Keri would use on her own publicity had to be precise. The results were terrific.
The first picture of this post is from that initial photo-shoot years ago. Not only did the image help both me and Keri to garner new business, but a giant poster of it now welcomes banking customers somewhere in Florida.
CEO of the Style Studio, Keri has been tremendously successful and now owns a fantastic boutique in Cherry Creek North. The Style Studio by Keri Blair helps people of all sorts to achieve their best selves.
“For Keri, the most fulfilling aspect of being a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant is in working with CEOs, executives, professionals in every field as well as stay-at-home moms.”
Posted after the first image are a few examples from our recent business portrait photo-shoot at Keri’s Cherry creek location.
Be sure to check out DeCroce Photography to see many more women executive portraits and entrepreneurs. We photograph men too!




This vibrant head-shot of Keri, created several years ago for her own website, was recently purchased by a Florida bank to be used in their advertising and marketing promotions.

Keri Blair in her Cherry Creek location - The Style Studio by Keri Blair.

Keri Blair in her Cherry Creek location – The Style Studio by Keri Blair.


I love this elegant black and white portrait photograph of a woman executive entrepreneur. 


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Denver photographers who make their living in fine art photography are a lucky bunch. Fine art photographers work on what inspires them. Unlike commercial photographers in Colorado or Denver people photographers or photographers in Denver who make executive portraits of CEOs (or any other key-word-phrase which is this blog’s intent to advance), fine art photographers don’t have to abide by the oversight of art-directors. They don’t need to satisfy a client. Photographers who make their living with fine art work are free spirits. They just roam around composing art from what moves them instead of moving objects to make {commercial} art – at least that’s the public perception of fine art photographers. The truth is, making a living making art is less than glamorous for most.


This fine art photography depiction of Denver tower reflections is by Denver Photographer Edwards DeCroce.

Fine art photography “Tower Reflections” was created by Denver photographer Edward DeCroce (the one whose blog you’re viewing).


This image of the Weston (broader view) is posted to give blog viewers a sense from where the first on this image

This image of the Weston (broader view) is posted to give blog viewers a sense from where the first image on this post came.

During a corporate photo-shoot for the law firm of Fox Rothschild, I had a prolonged delay between executive portrait sessions. With views like this one, I had plenty to satisfy creative impulses.

During a corporate photo-shoot for the law firm of Fox Rothschild, I had a prolonged delay between executive portrait sessions. With views like this one, I had plenty to satisfy creative impulses.

2Clever-Phone-Photography 3Courtyard-Coffee 4D&F-Tower-Denver-Photography 5DEC_1468_r 6Denver-Street-Photography 7Elich-Mountain-Denver-Photography

This view of Denver

This view of Denver’s ‘cash register’ building comes from inside the lobby.
I was photographing all attorneys for WARLCC Law firm that day and had already set up my lights. While waiting for MUA Suzanne Blons to finish up with makeup, I made several test exposures in order to determine angle and perspective. As is my habit, I made a few architectural/abstract images for my own portfolio. Unfortunately, security guards required that I delete all but this one.

9Denver-Photography-B&W-Tower-Reflections Denver-Photography-17th-Street-Towers-Architectural

Steel & Glass - A fine art/architectural creation.

Steel & Glass – A fine art/architectural creation.

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The Denver people photographers from DeCroce photograph law firms for website profiles and reportage style meeting pictures. 

The professional photo-shoot by Denver people photographers from DeCroce was done on location at the Cherry Creek office of Goldman Law. We had originally planned the photo-shoot to take place at The Seasons lobby, but opted instead for the lobby at 44 Cook Street in Denver. This being a Saturday, there was no foot traffic at all in the lobby. Plus, I sensed that everyone was eager to get on with their agendas. So we worked quickly to capture several variations of team group-shot portraits, individual head-shot portraits and reportage style meeting photography.



Business portraits and head-shots for website profiles are designed with other business workers in the background.

One of my all time favorite business team group portrait photographs, this was captured in the lobby outside the Goldman law Firm.

Lawfirm-Reportage-Photography Corporate-head-Shot-Photography Denver-Group-Portrait-Photographers Corporate-Reportage-Photographers

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